Request a RMA

Request a RMA

Do you want to return us a machine or a part of it to be repaired or replaced under warranty?
Fill in this Return Merchandise Authorization form with all necessary information.


RMA request

Please fill out the form. Fields marked with * are mandatory.


1. The repair or return request will be addressed to NEMESIS using this correctly completed form. Include a printed copy of this form (received via email upon completion) in the box containing the parts.
Boxes without this document will not be tracked and may experience significant delays in repair or be lost .

2. Shipping costs from the customer to NEMESIS and back will be borne by the customer. During the warranty period, return costs are borne by NEMESIS.

3. When the repair is completed, the customer will be informed that the product will be available for collection together with any shipping costs (if required).

4. The warranty will not apply in case of damage caused by transportation, incorrect installation or use, failure to follow the operating instructions or unauthorized removal of labels/components.

5. REPAIR: To avoid unnecessary expenses, send the items with a pro-forma invoice to allow temporary export. If you have any doubts or questions about the required documentation, please contact our office.

6. Shipping address for the parts:

Via G. Benassi, 31
41122 Modena - Italy

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