How to choose the right checkweigher

25 March 2024

How to choose the right checkweigher

Complete guide to choosing the most suitable checkweigher for each application

Inspection and weight control systems are fundamental in the industrial field to guarantee an accurate quality control management in the various stages of the production process. These systems allow not only to detect and correct any anomalies in products, but are also crucial to ensure compliance with all the required safety standards, allowing you to maximize the efficiency and quality of production. Checkweighers, in particular, are indispensable machines to obtain precise weighing and a correct classification of products in different industrial sectors.

Before purchasing a checkweigher it is necessary to carefully evaluate some aspects, including the specific needs of the company, the type of application and the characteristics of the products to be analyzed. Only by selecting the most suitable model will it be possible to precisely meet the production requirements and improve the efficiency of the production process.

In this short guide we will give you all the useful tips on how to choose a checkweigher and how to identify the most suitable machine for each type of product and specific application. 

What is a checkweigher and how it works

checkweigher is a machine used in industry to automatically weigh and select products according to their weight during the production or packaging processes. The main purpose of checkweighers is to verify that all products are within exactly the predefined weight range and that they meet all the regulatory requirements and standards of each specific production process. 


The operation of a checkweigher is based on a highly precise weighing system and advanced sorting mechanisms. Initially, the products to be weighed are placed on a conveyor belt, which moves them towards the weight control system. Once on the weighing belt, the product is weighed thanks to the load cell, a particular type of sensor that allows you to record the weight with extreme precision. Next, the weighing software integrated in the checkweigher compares the recorded weight with the preset parameters to determine whether the product meets the desired criteria. 

If the product meets the specified weight requirements, it is accepted and can continue along the production line. On the contrary, if the product does not reach the desired weight or exceeds certain thresholds, it is removed from the production line through a special selection and ejection mechanism. In this way, the checkweigher ensures that only compliant products are distributed and reach the final consumer, reducing waste and increasing the overall efficiency of the production line.

Static scales or checkweighers

Within a production line, products can be weighed in two ways: through static scales or through checkweighers, each with distinct characteristics and advantages. Static scales necessarily require intervention by operators, who must manually place the product on the scale for weighing.

Checkweighers, instead, automatically weigh the products while moving along a production line, carrying out a quick and automatic control of the production, without any human intervention. They are suitable for any type of application, with high or low production volumes, high or low sliding speed of conveyor belts.
One of the main advantages of checkweighers is the reduction of weighing time, as manual interaction is not required for weighing products. In addition, process automation increases overall productivity and ensures a 100% inspection rate, reducing human errors and helping to ensure maximum precision and reliability in controlling the weight of products along the entire production line.

How to choose the most suitable checkweigher

To choose the most suitable checkweigher for the specific needs of each sector and production process, it is essential to consider a number of aspects that can directly influence the effectiveness and efficiency of the weighing system. The most important elements to be evaluated are: 


  • the type of control desired: before buying a checkweigher scale it is essential to consider your needs and the features you need. Depending on the type of application, the characteristics of the products and the individual production lines, you can choose machines that provide only dynamic weighing, or integrated solutions that also allow to carry out labeling or metal detection processes, such as weigh price labelers and industrial metal detectors. Another important aspect to consider is the ejection system of non-compliant products, which can be carried out in different ways depending on the need;
  • the characteristics of products to be analyzed by the checkweigher scale, because they can directly influence the design and performance of the weighing system. To choose the most suitable machine it is important to evaluate the shape, size, weight, packaging and other factors that define the products. For example, products with particular shapes may require specific measures, such as the addition of side guides, to prevent falling during transport on the belt, while viscous or liquid products, then subject to movement inside the package, will need more attention in the design phase of the machine in order to ensure maximum precision in weighing; 
  • production environment and conditions: the environment in which the checkweigher will be used can have a significant impact on system performance. For example, it is essential to take into account factors such as temperature, the presence of dust or vibration and the risk of corrosion, but also consider whether the machine will operate in a high humidity environment or whether it will be subject to water splashes or the accumulation of any residues; 
  • evaluation of the available technical characteristics and options: to choose the right checkweigher it is always advisable to carefully evaluate the technical characteristics of each model, such as weighing accuracy, measuring speed, the type of automatic ejectors and the safety devices available. In this way it will be possible to obtain a tailor-made solution that is perfectly suited to the production lines and the application for which it is intended; 
  • certification: it is necessary to determine whether the checkweigher should be used for legal trade control (that is MID certified) or for internal use only. If certification is required, the machine must be checked to ensure that it complies with Community and international standards defining the inspection and weighing of pre-packaged products.

The advantages of checkweighers

Checkweighers offer a number of significant advantages that help to optimize the production process and ensure the quality of the final product. These machines allow products to be weighed with the utmost precision, ensuring that each item meets the specified weight requirements, helping to avoid waste and ensuring compliance with quality standards. The advantages of checkweighers also include:

  • efficiency and speed: checkweighers are able to weigh quickly and efficiently a wide range of products. This allows to increase the overall productivity of the production process, reducing machine downtime and increasing the production speed; 
  • reduction of product waste: thanks to precision weighing and complete weight control, checkweighers contribute to reducing product waste. This leads to significant economic savings for companies and contributes to improving the environmental sustainability of the production process; 
  • traceability and regulatory compliance: checkweigher scales allow accurate traceability of each individual product, ensuring compliance with safety and quality regulations. This is particularly important in high-regulation sectors, such as the food sector and pharmaceutical industry; 
  • adaptability to different production lines: checkweighers are available in a variety of models and configurations, which make them suitable for different needs and types of production. This allows companies to find the most suitable solution for their specific needs; 
  • reporting and data analysis: these machines are equipped with advanced reporting and statistical data analysis capabilities, which allow you to monitor and evaluate the performance of the production process over time. This can provide valuable information and contribute to the continuous optimization of production. Moreover, if provided with the specific software, it can become a remote control console of all the production machines connected to it, a technology that is recognized as Industry 4.0 and therefore subject to government contributions and other financial benefits; 
  • improvement of product quality: thanks to the accuracy in weighing and the complete weight control, checkweigher scales contribute to improving the quality of the final product, thus ensuring a greater level of customer satisfaction and greater loyalty; 
  • saving labor costs: automating the production process can reduce the need for manual control of products. This leads to significant savings in labor costs, allowing human resources to be used in other activities.

Nemesis checkweighers: tailored solutions for every application

Nemesis checkweighers are tailored solutions, designed to meet the specific needs of each industrial application. Thanks to their flexibility and the ability to adapt to a wide range of production contexts, Nemesis machines are able to integrate perfectly into existing production lines, even in the most complex and advanced ones. 


Whether in the food industry, pharmaceutical, chemical or any other application, they are designed to ensure maximum accuracy, reliability and efficiency. Every aspect can be customized according to customer requirements, including conveyor size, load capacity, weighing speed, ejection options and much more. The Nemesis team carefully follows every step of the production process, from consultancy to design, up to the realization of the final product to provide each customer with solutions designed according to his specific needs and ensure the highest standards of quality and safety. 

For more information on Nemesis checkweighers, contact us or ask for a customized quote

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