Metal detectors

Industrial metal detectors

Metal detectors for a complete and advanced end-of-line inspection system

Industrial metal detectors are machines that detect any metal contamination present in different types of products. Nemesis industrial metal detectors use innovative technologies to identify even the smallest metal particles, which could compromise consumer safety or damage product integrity, allowing complete end-of-line control. 


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Our industrial metal detectors not only guarantee the highest precision in metal contaminant detection, but also optimize the efficiency of production lines, adapting perfectly to different working environments, minimizing machine downtime and maximizing overall productivity.

Metal detector machines integrated with weighing and control systems

Are you looking for a metal detector machine that perfectly fits your production needs? Nemesis metal detector machines are versatile, tailor-made solutions, designed to fit the needs of a wide range of sectors: primarily the food industry, but also the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector. Our metal detectors are designed to comply with all safety regulations and HACCP and GMP standards required in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Depending on the specific needs of each sector and production cycle, we offer both independent machines for the detection of metals, both combined solutions with checkweighers and integrable with other control, marking or tracking systems to achieve multiple functions from a single machine and ensure greater efficiency and control at each stage of production. Discover all Nemesis solutions!

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