D Series - for middleweights

In Retail version, if provided with stainless steel protection tunnel

From 50 g to 10 kg - Maximum throughput 200 ppm

It's the best solution to weigh packaged products with a wide range of weight and a 0.1 g scale interval.
The stainless steel protection tunnel is an optional feature, and it is what makes it specially designed for the Retail  i.e., compliant with the strictest occupational safety regulations imposed by some companies in the Large-Scale Retail, such as Marks & Spencer.

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Main Features

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Thanks to our EasyWeigh® technology, which allows for weighing with a shorter distance between products, the belts can be shorter, and the machine can, therefore, be accommodated even in limited spaces.


The machine's structure is easily integrable with visual control systems, marking, tracking, and barcode readers.

Retail-standards compliant

Adhering to the strictest safety criteria for operators, the machine incorporates the Supplier Quality Management requirements of major players in the global retail industry.


The rollers are larger, with a diameter of 30 mm. This makes the belts more robust and capable of smoothly transporting products up to 10 kg.

Automatic Ejectors

Depending on the weight and shape of the product, the ejector can be pneumatic with a cylinder or without, high-speed, drop-type, with a diverter, or progressive, with a single or double air jet.

Safety devices

There are 5 available safety devices: the pressure switch, the reject confirmation photocell, the full waste basket photocell, the plastic/steel waste basket with automatic closure, and the audible-visual alarm tower.

Discover our EasyWeigh® technology

We have developed and installed on our machines an innovative weighing technology, the EasyWeigh® system, a new frontier in dynamic weighing. Its algorithm allows to weigh every new product shape, format or line orientation without the need of any calibration or learning procedures and ensuring highest accuracy and speed levels.

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The control and data analysis interface

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Where to use it

To mainly weigh food or industrial products and in the logistics industry, primary-packaged in boxes, bags, flowpacks, trays, tanks and mesh bags or secondary-packaged.

30 mm diameter rollers

The belts on which the product moves are driven by underlying rollers.

The rollers are the moving part of the machine and therefore the most fragile one.

To avoid straining them, it is necessary to provide rollers of different diameters depending on the products to be weighed. There are usually 4 sizes of rollers, which increase in diameter from 20 to 50 mm proportionally to the increase in weight and size of the product to be weighed.

The D Series uses 30 mm rollers, which are perfect for transporting weights from 50 g up to 10 kg.


Choose the display you like most


15'' touchscreen 

control panel


 10'' touchscreen 

control panel


7'' touchscreen 

control panel


Technical Datasheet

Customization is our standard


Da 50 g a 10 kg

Scale interval "e"

≥ 0.1 g

Screen Resolution "d"

≥ 0.1 g

Accuracy (3σ)

≥ ± 0.07 g


≤ 200 ppm

Belt speed

≤ 60 m/min

Power consumption

≤ 0.3 kW


from 1 to 6 conveyors

IP protection

IP54 (IP65 optional)


from 460 mm to 1200 mm

Conveyor width

from 90 mm to 456 mm

Conveyor length

from 150 mm to 750 mm

Conveyor type

Polyurethane Belt- Modular plastic

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