R Series

The high-speed specialist

From 30 g to 6 kg - Throughput up to 600 ppm

Equipped with a chain belt system to handle cylindrical and tall products such as cans, jars, and tetrabriks, this series combines unparalleled sturdiness with high-performance accuracy and speed. This is achieved through the guiding rails that stabilize the product during transport.

The structure is specifically designed for use in harsh industrial environments, even in the presence of chemicals or corrosive substances.

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Main Features

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Side pneumatic ejectors and diverters

Depending on the product's shape and the belt speed, the ejector can be pneumatic with a cylinder, high-speed, with a diverter, or progressive.

IP69K extra washable

The special 100% stainless steel structure, which also covers the load cell and pressurized motors, provides it with IP69K protection, making it suitable for washing even with high-pressure industrial cleaning jets.

Safety cabin

The control panel protection cabin ensures complete washability, even at high temperatures and with powerful water jets.

Safety devices

There are 5 available safety devices: the pressure switch, the reject confirmation photocell, the full waste basket photocell, the plastic/steel waste basket with automatic closure, and the audible-visual alarm tower.

Feeding screw

In the case of cylindrical-shaped products, the installation of a feeding screw ensures stable and secure feeding and proper pitch alignment.

Discover our EasyWeigh® technology

We have developed and installed on our machines an innovative weighing technology, the EasyWeigh® system, a new frontier in dynamic weighing. Its algorithm allows to weigh every new product shape, format or line orientation without the need of any calibration or learning procedures and ensuring highest accuracy and speed levels.

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The control and data analysis interface

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Where to use it

To weigh food, beverages and cosmetics, primary--packaged in cans, tetrabriks and jars.

Safety cabin

The IP69K protection is ensured not only by the materials used in the machine but also by the special safety cabin for the control panel. It can be raised during use and lowered during cleaning to avoid contact with water or detergents.

Feeding screw

Its function is to space the incoming products into the machine, ensuring the right pitch between products and allowing the weighing belt to operate under the best possible conditions.

Progressive Ejector

It is an ideal spacing system for high-speed lines because it pushes products onto different lanes, rejecting them in the case of out-of-tolerance products or simply classifying them into different weight categories.

Technical Datasheet

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from 30 g to 6 kg

Scale interval "e"

≥ 0.5 g

Display resolution "d"

≥ 0.1 g

Accuracy (3σ)

≥ ± 0.3 g


≤ 600 ppm

Belt speed

≤ 120 m/min

Power Consumption

≤ 0.3 kW


4 conveyors

IP Protection



from 460 mm to 1200 mm

Conveyor width

from 90 mm to 304 mm

Conveyor Length

from 150 mm to 650 mm

Conveyor type

Chain + Modular plastic

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