Weigh-Price Labelers

Weigh price labelers

Weigh price labelers available in many configurations, for any packaged product

Nemesis weigh price labelers are designed to meet the needs of every industrial sector and type of production. Thanks to the different configurations available, our machines easily adapt to any type of packaged product, ensuring maximum precision in the weight calculation and in the labeling process. 


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The modular structure of our machines ensures flexibility and adaptability to different production lines, in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic or other industrial sectors where complete control at the end of the line is required. Our weigh price labelers can print the detected data in real time, with high precision and speed in the application, to ensure optimal performance and guarantee that production meets the required quality and safety standards.

Weigh price labelling systems customizable and integrable in any production line

Nemesis offers tailored solutions, designed according to the specific packaging needs of each customer and perfectly integrated into even the most complex production lines. We design different types of weigh price labelling systems, depending on the type and number of labels to be applied and where they should be placed. By integrating advanced software and using dedicated label editing programs, all Nemesis machines ensure fast and easy labeling and efficient handling of weighing configurations. All weigh price labelling systems can be supplied with printers equipped with top, bottom, C, front, or upper label application with pneumatic arm, side with compressed air jet, or combined with multiple applications, and can also be used as stand alone stations.

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