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From consultancy to project implementation: why choose a bespoke solution?

Industrial automation brings along real benefits only if it is tailored from the very beginning to the actual industry requirements and the specific project application. 

We, at Nemesis, are capable of perfectly integrating our weighing, inspection, labeling and sorting systems even into the most sophisticated and advanced lines. 

An ad-hoc designed project allows you to have a machine doing exactly what you need. It’s the machine adapting to your production process, not the other way around.

When the machine focuses only on the strictly necessary functions which are optimized for your specific application, a customized solution has a longer lifetime and needs less maintenance.

Your needs are our priority

To fully realize your project, we take into account various factors

  • The product you deal with and its packaging, if not bulk
  • Only the functions you need: just weighing, or also metal detecting, labeling or sorting by weight.
  • The target you set: increasing productivity, maximizing saving, guaranteeing operators’ safety, finding missing elements in packaging, storing and processing production data.
  • The feeding, filling or packaging system you may have upstream 
  • The outfeeding or discharging systems you may have downstream  
  • The room you have available in the line, in order to take up just the necessary space.
  • Your working environment and production conditions like humidity, air currents and temperature
  • Your cleaning needs

During the phase of the technical consultancy, it’s essential that all project technical data are known. Make it possible by filling in this form.

01 Consultancy

Let’s start your project

We draw up a personalized proposal for you. 

We decide the series, the single components like loading cell, conveyor belt size, roller size, tape types, ejectors, photocells, rejection bins, motors, then the machine layout and the most appropriate materials. If needed, we integrate a metal detector machine or a weigh price labeler

Then we submit you our project and offer. 

We propose you any accessories or weighing management software package that would suit your line.

If you like our proposal, we move on to the phase of production and we start manufacturing your machine in our factory.

02 Engineering

We produce exactly what you need as per your guidelines

With fine tailoring we assemble all components. When the assembly is over, we first test the machine operation: according to the machine series and application, we examine the weighing accuracy and the scale interval using real sampling taken from your own production, if feasible. Then we check the correct non-compliant items discard, photocell operation, metal contamination detection, printing and application of labels on pre-packed items and at the end the MID certification takes place, if required.

One of the most sensitive machine parts, the software, is fitted only after having been tested for at least three months, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 

Then we carry out the continuous use testing: 100 hours during which the machine is working non-stop. This last testing in particular allows to check all mechanical parts and prevents possible failures due to wear.

Moreover if required, before delivery and installation of the machine, the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) is carried out, an official testing performed by certified bodies verifying that the machine works properly.

Nothing is left to chance to guarantee top quality and safety standards.

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03 Production

Case Studies

In the complexity of the modern world, learning through pure theory is not enough. We need to see how theory applies in real situations, in authentic contexts. For this reason we collect Case Studies: narratives rich in details that allow us to examine and better understand a particular operation or application.

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