Saving Simulator

Saving Simulator

Calculate how much you can save with a checkweigher

By installing a end-of-line checkweigher, you weigh your product with extreme precision and avoid unnecessary waste. 

Enter the cost of your product, the pieces per minute of your line, and hypothesize an excess of product that could be realistic in the production process you have upstream in the table. 

Automatically, this simulator will calculate how much money you are losing every minute, every day, every year if you have not yet planned a selector in your line.


Saving Simulator

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Incredible, isn't it? Stop this loss immediately!

The role of checkweighers

Certainly, there are technologies and tools capable of improving the efficiency of production activities and can truly make a difference in manufacturing. One of these is the checkweigher.

It allows you to weigh each product with extreme precision as it exits your production cycle, ensuring that the weight matches what has been established with the customer.

Weighing to the gram or to the hundredth of a gram.

Weighing to the gram or hundredth of a gram means precisely controlling 100% of how much product is packaged and sold.

On one hand, it helps prevent potential penalties from regulatory authorities that mandate adherence to the exact weight indicated on the packaging. On the other hand, it prevents wasting product and, consequently, giving it away for free!

Fear of not paying you back the investment?

You're probably wondering, "But how long will it take to pay for itself?" A few months, if you choose the right ckeckweigher. In fact, you will see the benefits immediately and start saving from day one.

Choose what is right for you!

But which one should you buy? On the market, you will find various types of checkweighers, with different features and prices. It's important that you choose the one that best suits your needs, taking into account the characteristics of your product and your production line, as well as your volume and production environment.

"As an entrepreneur, I understand how challenging it can be to make investment decisions. It's understandable to be reluctant to spend money on new machinery if you're not sure about the immediate return on investment," says Marco, owner of a meat processing company. "But adding a weighing selector to my production line was one of the best choices I've ever made. I work with and package 250g beef burgers, and to avoid customer penalties, I always used to oversize my production by 5g. Now, with the checkweigher, I can immediately detect and reject any burgers weighing more than 252g, saving 3g of product each time. My line operates at 100 ppm, which means I now save 300 grams of meat every minute! And since the cost of my meat is about €4 per kg, every passing hour, I save over €70! Not bad, huh?"

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