Spread cheese in tubs and bowls

Target: weight control and metal detection

In wet environment, at 100 ppm, with 5 conveyor belts


The company Fattorie Osella, a producer of dairy products since 1870, is an excellent reality in the Italian dairy landscape, located in Piedmont, Italy. It has always operated with the utmost respect for the environment, its territory, and the local community. Its strength lies in the consistent use of locally sourced milk, known as 'Km Zero,' obtained every day from selected farms in the provinces of Cuneo and Turin.

The company adheres to all sector certifications and complies with EU Regulation 76/22/EEC and Law 690 concerning the declared net weight in packaged products sold in Retail Distribution.

To meet these standards, the company required a combined checkweigher with an industrial metal detector to introduce 100% weight-safe and metal-contaminant-free tubs of spread cheese to the market.


To meet the customer's requirements, Nemesis has specifically designed and implemented a combination Checkweigher with Metal Detector Series MX featuring 5 belts, with an accuracy of "e" 1 g and a speed of up to 100 pieces per minute.

The 200g Robiola cheese containers undergo an initial inspection with a Metal Detector antenna capable of detecting ferrous, non-ferrous, or stainless steel contaminants, even in wet products. In case any contaminants are detected, there is an ejection system at the metal detector's exit that rejects the contaminated containers, pushing them into a basket where they are isolated from the rest of the production and properly disposed of.

Containers that pass the contaminant check then undergo a weight check. A tolerance is set between 180g and 230g, and any non-conforming containers are discarded into a second bin. These are later recovered, opened, and the cheese is reclaimed for new packaging.


  • In a single machine, a dual system for weight and metal contamination control has been consolidated, saving valuable production space
  • End-of-line inspection is guaranteed for 100% of the production.
  • Dedicated reject confirmation photocells convey information to the checkweigher that the non-compliant product has been accurately ejected. 
  • Reject bin full photocells, on the other hand, inform the operator that the machine needs to be stopped for emptying and resetting the reject basket.
  • The production line throughput of 100 pieces per minute or higher allows for maintaining a high production pace.

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