Pesticide liquid tanks

Target: heavy products weighing in hostile environment

To weigh and transport 5 to 20 lt tanks in harsh production processes


Adama is an Israeli company belonging to the Syngenta group, a global leader in agrotechnology operating in over 100 countries, producing fertilizers and seeds for agriculture.

They approached Nemesis for various checkweighers to integrate into their production cycle, capable of weighing and selecting heavy pesticide tanks of 5, 10, and 20 liters, running at respective rates of 30, 16, and 8 pieces per minute.

The main challenges in the project were not only in accurately weighing large containers with a precision of 10 grams but also in constructing a system, including conveyors, capable of withstanding potential leakage of the aggressive chemical liquid.


The solution adopted by Nemesis was an automatic handling and weighing system with the H Series Checkweigher, constructed with 3 belts made of modular plastic to eliminate the risk of chemical erosion of the conveyors.

To reject overweight or underweight containers, an ejector with a cylinder was integrated, pushing them onto an idle roller conveyor positioned on the opposite side of the ejector.

The entire structure of the machine is built with an IP65 protection rating, meaning it is washable with low-pressure water jets.


  • Considering the cost of pesticides, the system designed in this way allows for a careful end-of-line inspection, preventing overdosing of the product and, consequently, avoiding wastage.
  • The Data Manager data analysis software has been installed, which archives machine production data for up to 24 months. It enables the automatic export of reports for all batches in real-time or via Ethernet in PDF and CSV formats, creating an SQL server database.
  • Thanks to the Proactive Feedback program, the checkweigher can communicate with the dosing machine upstream of the line, adjusting the pesticide dosage in the containers if multiple over- and under-dosages are detected. This reduces waste and enhances the overall efficiency of the production process.

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