Weight control and grading

Weighing and grading line in 8 product categories with 16 outlets


The Italian company Agrimola, specialized in the processing of fresh and dried fruit, handles approximately 6,000 tons of fresh chestnuts and marrons each year. They approached Nemesis for a machine capable of weighing peeled chestnuts contained in large bags and sorting them into 8 weight categories with a tolerance of 1 gram, ranging from 8 to 15 grams.

This is to ensure that each different category of chestnut is assigned to different customers and end-use destinations.


To meet the customer's requirements, we have specifically designed and implemented a system consisting of:

  • An input conveyor belt, where chestnuts are released from large sacks positioned high on the line. The belt is equipped with appropriate dividers to distribute and channel the chestnuts onto two parallel belts.
  • The two belts direct the chestnuts onto two weighing belts, each connected to its own checkweigher, which weighs each chestnut with a verification division of 0.1 g and a speed of 300 pieces per minute.
  • After each weighing belt, the chestnuts move to an outfeed belt where, based on their weight, they are pushed into specific containers by air jet rejectors, classifying them into 8 different weight categories with a tolerance of 1 gram.
    This results in the selection of chestnuts into 16 different exit containers.


  • The high degree of accuracy of the system allows for precise selection to the gram of extremely lightweight and small-sized products.
  • The delicacy of the air jet rejection system ensures a contactless sorting operation, ideal for maintaining the perfect integrity of the product.
  • The high speed at which the system operates significantly accelerates the product processing, saving time and labor.
  • The automation of the process ensures the treatment of the food under the highest possible hygiene conditions.

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