Our weighing technology

The smart algorithm

On their machines, Nemesis has installed EasyWeigh®, an internally designed software at the forefront of dynamic weighing technology. The algorithm of EasyWeigh® allows overcoming all the issues usually associated with traditional weighing technology, significantly improving the accuracy and robustness of our checkweighers.

Let's look at the advantages of this technology.

No Autolearning

First of all, it is very easy to use and does not involve any learning errors.

Indeed, it allows weighing any new product regardless of its shape, size, and orientation in the line, without the need for any calibration procedure. In traditional weighing, also known as peak weighing, it is necessary to perform auto-learning by weighing the sample several times and indicating its dimensions.

With EasyWeigh®, you just need to enter the minimum and maximum weights and the conveyor speed, and any object falling within these parameters, regardless of its shape, packaging, content, and dimensions, can be immediately weighed.

The machine will automatically adjust the pitch.

A shorter pitch

With traditional technology, to achieve accurate measurement, only one product at a time must pass on the weighing conveyor. Therefore, the interval between two products, understood as the distance between the back of one product and the front of the next, must be slightly greater than the length of the weighing conveyor.

On the contrary, a checkweigher with EasyWeigh® requires much shorter weight sampling times. Once the front of a product reaches the output photocell of the weighing conveyor, it is identified as "weighed," and the next product can immediately enter the weighing conveyor without having to wait for the first one to exit. Therefore, for accurate weighing, it is sufficient for the space between the front of the first product and that of the second, or the pitch, to be slightly greater than the length of the weighing conveyor.

Increased durability

With EasyWeigh® technology, the weighing conveyor can be shorter, and at the same production rate, it can operate at a lower speed.

This also translates to increased durability due to less wear on components, as well as enhanced weighing accuracy.

If it's necessary to regulate the pitch of the products and make it constant, an acceleration or deceleration conveyor can be added at the entrance.

More compact machine, lower energy consumption

If the conveyors are shorter, the entire machine can be more compact and flexible.

Not only does this save valuable space in production, but it is also much easier to integrate. Additionally, the smaller the machine, the lower its energy consumption.

An estimated 80% savings is expected for the user, and a 50% reduction for us in production since we don't need to use large mechanical tools to build and move it.

High weighing accuracy

The weighing accuracy is adversely affected by air currents, temperature fluctuations, vibrations, or inconsistent product loading conditions.

With EasyWeigh®, on the other hand, the checkweigher can isolate the product from vibrations and accept any irregularities in product feeding, maintaining a constant and accurate weighing.

Robust and accurate load cells

Nemesis checkweigher install extremely robust load cells, which are further covered with special protections to prevent damages caused by impacts or overloads to the cell.

This means avoiding high maintenance or replacement costs for the cell, which, being the heart of the machine, is undoubtedly the most expensive component.

Even in extreme operating conditions, EasyWeigh® is still able to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

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