Weighing software: the advantages of EasyWeigh® technology

02 May 2024

Weighing software: the advantages of EasyWeigh® technology

Discover all the advantages of EasyWeigh® weighing software in end-of-line automatic control processes

In the industrial sector, weighing software integrated into weight control and end-of-line inspection systems are essential to guarantee process accuracy and reliability, and ensuring that products meet all the established quality standards. These software are also able to integrate with other control and production management systems, allowing a complete and efficient monitoring of production processes. By using machines with advanced software, companies can optimize and speed up weight control processes, reducing errors and increasing the overall efficiency of production lines.

EasyWeigh® weighing software is installed on all Nemesis checkweighers and weigh-price labelers and stands out for its cutting-edge technology and innovative features. Thanks to sophisticated algorithms, EasyWeigh® ensures a high weighing accuracy, thus helping to guarantee the quality and compliance of products to the standards required in various industries. Its intuitive interface and advanced features also allow a complete control and efficient management of weighing processes, while ensuring maximum flexibility and adaptability to different production needs.

Let’s take a closer look at what weighing software is and the main advantages of EasyWeigh® technology.

What is weighing software?

A weighing software is an application that uses algorithms and advanced technologies to accurately measure the weight of objects or materials. This type of software is widely used in automated weighing systems to ensure an accurate weight control of products during the production process. With the ability to automate weighing operations, these software can help to improve the efficiency and accuracy of end-of-line inspection and control activities in different industries, such as food, pharmaceutical or cosmetics. 


Weighing management software integrated into checkweighers or weigh-price labelers used for the end-of-line controls are essential to ensure maximum process accuracy. First, they allow you to set and calibrate weighing parameters according to the specific needs of the company and the products being processed. This ensures that weight measurements are accurate and that products comply with all the regulations and quality standards required. In addition, a weighing software is able to record and store data relating to the measurements made, allowing a complete tracking of the production process and an accurate documentation for the purposes of quality control and regulatory compliance. 

The advantages of EasyWeigh® weighing management software

EasyWeigh® weighing software offers many advantages over other solutions on the market, allowing you to solve all the problems related to traditional weighing technologies and improving the efficiency, strength and durability of Nemesis quality control systems. 

One of the main advantages of this technology is its ease of use: EasyWeigh® does not require complex auto-learning procedures. Thanks to its advanced algorithm, the software allows weighing products of different shapes and sizes without requiring any prior calibration. Just enter the minimum and maximum weight, together with the belt speed, to obtain an accurate weighing of any product that falls within the set parameters, regardless of its shape, size or orientation in the production line. In addition to this, EasyWeigh®  also ensures: 

  • greater efficiency in weighing processes: unlike traditional technologies, checkweighers programmed with EasyWeigh® require much lower weight sampling times. The software automatically adjusts the pitch, allowing a correct measurement even with small intervals between products on the production line. When the front of a product reaches the exit photocell of the weighing belt, it is immediately marked as "weighed" and the next product can immediately enter the belt. For a correct weighing it is therefore not necessary to weigh one product at a time, but it is sufficient that the interval between the two products is slightly longer than the length of the weighing belt; 
  • increased strength and durability: thanks to the possibility of using shorter weighing belts and reduced speed, at the same production rate, EasyWeigh® guarantees a longer life of checkweighers. Reduced component wear helps to prolong the service life of machines, reducing maintenance costs. In addition, weighing accuracy is improved by reducing external interference; 
  • lower energy consumption: thanks to shorter weighing belts, checkweighers with EasyWeigh® are more compact and flexible. This allows not only to save space within the production sites and simplify the integration of the machines within the production lines, but also to reduce energy consumption (with a saving of 80% for the user); 
  • higher weighing accuracy: during the weighing process there are several factors that can affect the accuracy of the measurement, such as air currents, temperature changes, or product load conditions that are not ideal. Thanks to EasyWeigh® Nemesis machines are able to isolate products from vibration and to compensate for any irregularities in the supply, always ensuring a constant and accurate weighing. The software is designed to guarantee a high level of precision thanks to its ability to adapt to changes in product load; 
  • flexibility and adaptability: EasyWeigh® weighing management software can be configured and customized to meet the specific needs of different applications and industries. This flexibility allows weighing technology to be easily integrated into existing production lines and adapted to future operational requirements.

In addition to the advantages provided by EasyWeigh®, Nemesis checkweighers are equipped with extremely robust load cells, coated with special protections to prevent damages caused by possible impacts or overloads. This guarantees a better machine functioning and greater durability, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring a high level of accuracy even in extreme conditions of use. 


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