Tomato sauce cans

Weight control at extremely high speed

For a chain conveyor line running at 600 ppm


The largest Greek tomato processing company, D. Nomikos, has been producing various tomato products for the industrial, catering, and retail sectors for three generations since 1915.

With its three plants, it processes over 350,000 tons of fresh tomatoes every year.

They approached Nemesis for a conveyor belt scale for tomato sauce cans capable of operating at an extremely high speed, 600 pieces per minute.


To meet the customer's needs, we have specifically designed and implemented a system consisting of:

a) An R Series Checkweigher equipped with chain belts for the safe handling of cylindrical products even at very high speeds. It ensures high precision performance with the help of guiding rails that stabilize the product during all phases of feeding, weighing, exit, and transport. The machine, set for products with a maximum weight of 1.5 kg, weighs 600 cans per minute with a scale interval "e" of 2 grams.

b) Installed at the exit of the weighing conveyor is an ejection system with a high-speed automatic ejector, capable of accurately rejecting cans detected outside the weight tolerances.

c) A conveyor line, also with chain belts, ensures the safe continuation of can handling in the production process.

The entire system has an IP69K protection rating, the highest possible against the penetration of dust and water in case of cleaning with high-pressure jets or steam. This makes it particularly suitable for operating in the most extreme environmental conditions.


  • The sophisticated EasyWeigh® weighing software allows to weigh relatively light products like a can with maximum accuracy even at very high speeds. 
  • The chain conveyor system enables the production line to maintain a very high pace while ensuring robustness and durability, especially in harsh and challenging working environments. 
  • The IP69K architecture of the machine makes it perfectly hygienic and washable with powerful, high-temperature air jets, even in the case of tomato spillage on the line. 
  • The high speed at which the system operates significantly accelerates the product processing, saving time and labor.

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