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Let's talk about Industrial Automation

Our story is that of one of the many Italian artisan districts: in our case, the Mechanical Automation district of Modena.

At the end of the seventies, in Emilia region and around Modena, in particular, the Automation industry was born to serve the main local manufacturing districts. Automation is intended to be the mix of new technologies applied to control systems which can operate machineries and processes.

Main applications were therefore for the mechanical, tiles and food industries.




1976 - Control panel of a food processing line

And in these very years, and exactly in 1976, Nemesis started out as a designer and producer of new weighing systems and dosing equipment fitted with the state-of-the-art technology, like the first personal computers available.




1977 - The founding partners Maurizio Neri e Maurizio Tamagnini in the offices of the first Nemesis headquarters. In the background one of the very first Pcs imported to Italy (Commodore PET2001).







In 1978 by means of a PET 2001 PC, among the few pieces arrived in Italy, Nemesis implemented the first computer-assisted industrial automation solutions. Like this computerized weigh indicator.

In 1979, year of birth of the PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), Nemesis started to produce the first industrial applications of CBM Commodore systems, like control installation of micro air-conditioning systems for Russian farms. They were meant to regulate and control the inside temperature of animals’ stalls as well as their feed delivery.

The following year a computerized dosing system to control tile kilns was produced. It had a CBM computer interface and an indipendent dosing command featuring a videographic system.

In 1983 Nemesis produced for a company in Burma a multiple dosing system without the use of microcomputers.

1979 - First industrial application of Commodore CBM systems, micro air-conditioning systems for Russian farms, based on PET 3032 PC.

1980 - Computerized dosing system, with CBM computer interface for the tile industry.

1983 - Multiple dosing system created without the use of microcomputers as required by a company in Burma.

Since then, the number of solutions applied to the industrial electronics grew robustly together with the production of control panels for the conveyor and packaging system automation, for the automatic machinery and testing equipment control and for the first handlers.


1984 - Dosing equipment control panel for paints with Nemesis PL10 controller.


1984 - Control panels for industrial laundries in the textile industry with PLC controllers and PL100 monitors. 

Mix of Nemesis PLC controllers, from PL10 (1983) to the latest PL100 with video monitor (1985).

In 1988 the first control panel for two internal handling automation systems was realized in the textile industry. Every system was equipped with 1000 entries and exits and connected with a computer for the data management.





Industrial automation control system for the textile industry, one of the first projects with over 1000 entries and exits. 

In the 90s CAD and CAE programs were introduced in industrial design, integrated in modern software developing stations and ultimate hardware control equipment. In these years Nemesis developed increasingly advanced automation solutions and control panels for various applications: videographic systems, warehouse servo equipment using bar codes, handler systems, dosing and weighing machineries, conveyor and processing lines, automatic machine panels. All these automation systems were conceived to exchange data with PC and management programs.

The great turning point of Nemesis activity was in 1999, when a new generation of industrial automatic checkweighers complying with OIML international standards was introduced in the range. 

A revolutionary and cutting-edge weighing software was developed for real time weighing. His name is EasyWeigh® and it's still the core of all Nemesis checkweighers and weigh price labelling systems.

Today Nemesis is an ISO 9001 certified company who received in 2011 the MID-2004/22/CE certification on the whole range and still focuses its major investments in Research and Development.

In October 2023 the company has become part of Nimax Spa Group, an Italian-based company, leader in marking, coding and labeling solutions for the food, beverage, pharma, chemical and manufacturing industries.

And the breathtaking technological adventure which has marked almost 50 years of activity, goes on. 

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