A new Case Study from Finland

02 July 2023

A Weigh-Price Labeler for ready meals

Labeling and rejecting non-compliant products


Lihajaloste Oy is a company based in Tampere, southern Finland, that has been producing meat dishes and other ready-made meals for three generations since 1949. It's a historic company that, in the 1960s, sold sausages from a pedal cart at bus stops and now supplies major restaurants and markets across the country with meat dishes and other convenience food.

The challenge

The company was looking for a weigh price labeler capable of weighing, printing, and applying labels on ready-made food trays such as lasagna, mashed potatoes, sausages, and vegetables.

The machine needed to print and apply the label on the top surface of the tray. 

Additionally, a system was required to easily distinguish trays with the correct weight from those outside the specified weight range, signaling the need for further attention in the production process.

The solution

The K Series weigh price labeler, with three belts, featuring a maximum capacity of 8 kg, a verification division of 2 g, and a maximum speed of 30 m/min, proved to be the right solution.

To distinguish trays outside the specified weight range, the decision was made to adopt the method of 'not labeling them,' allowing for immediate visual recognition compared to compliant trays, which were duly labeled.

The benefits

  • 100% control of the net weight of packages and compliance with regulations governing retail trade.
  • Real-time monitoring of the quantity of packaged food and potential adjustment of filling.
  • Increased productivity through automation.
  • Complete traceability of production batches.
  • Easy machine startup and immediate use facilitated by the included laptop and the training course organized for users.

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Case Study

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