Nemesis at Cibustec 2023

28 October 2023

Introducing an all-Italian partnership

For any requirement of automation, end-of-line control and labeling

The Cibustec exhibition in Parma, dedicated to Food and Beverage Technologies, has recently concluded. For over 80 years, it has been accompanying producers and distributors with consistently innovative solutions.

Nemesis has recently presented some of its latest projects, including the D Series Checkweigher, featuring stainless steel protection tunnels.

A new network

For the occasion, Nemesis introduces the partnership with Nimax and PRL Tecnosoft, a collaboration born from the need to provide Italian companies with a single point of contact for every requirement related to:

  • weighing
  • coding
  • inspection and end-of-line control
  • labeling
  • handling

Nemesis Weigh-Price Labeler with "NEXT" MID certification

To deliver to the market machines that are increasingly high-performing and precise, Nemesis has designed and built a new generation of automatic weighprice labeling systems that have obtained MID certification for exceptional conveyor speed and accuracy levels, higher than those covered by the previous decree.

Here are the new certified values:

  • Scale interval ≥ 0,2 g 
  • Belt speed ≤  100 m/min 

Nemesis Checkweigher with PRL Sorter

The Checkweigher  in question is an H Series designed for heavy and bulky products, as shown in the image, handling boxes moved by a logistics operator.

At the end of the weighing line, a Sorter is paired, appearing here as a conveyor belt with a modular chain, featuring small rollers. These small rollers are activated by an underlying belt upon a specific condition, allowing them to divert the product 90° in a confined space without the use of diverters or pushers. This solution is commonly employed for cases and cartons in secondary packaging production.

PRL demo Cobot machine amd Nimax Thermal Ink Jet


The exhibited machine primarily showcases the application of robotics in product handling.

It consists of a conveyor belt, a tabletop curved conveyor, a Universal Robot, and an Omron robot. Mounted on the straight section of the tabletop conveyor is a Nimax marker model Gx150i.

Both robots are collaborative in nature.

The Universal Robot receives the boxes in a single file and arranges them into three rows in a confined space. In the subsequent station, the Omron robot picks up three boxes simultaneously and releases them in a single file, one at a time. Once positioned in a single file, they can undergo the marking process.

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