Values and Mission

Values and Mission

Our mission is to provide you with a customized solution for industrial automation, through a fast service and high technical expertise.

Our Mission is to provide you with a tailored solution for industrial automation, with a quick service and a high level of technical expertise always at your fingertips.


Purchasing a machine to be integrated in your industrial process is a delicate process which, if carried out correctly, can be very beneficial for you in terms of savings, efficiency and quality.


This is why we must develop it together. 

Why tailored solutions? Isn't it easier to install a standard machine?


If the application is simple, absolutely yes. There are industries where the production process is elementary and installing a basic three-belt machine with weighing, labeling or metal detection, compact and versatile, is the most convenient choice.


But in most cases, we develop and create a tailored solution which exactly meets your production requirements, according to the space you have available, the product you process, the type of feed of your line. In our tailor-made approach, we are efficient and productive, as it should be in series production and this allows us to offer you a value-for-money personalized product.


It goes under the name of Mass Customization, it’s one of the newest market trends also in industrial automation and we are forerunners in this field.


As Mass Customization requires, our products are therefore flexible, easy and quick to set up, sustainable and at low energy impact.

How are Nemesis machines easy to set up?


Whether your production is subject to strong seasonality, production peaks or frequent product changes, our machines suit your needs.

Thanks to our technology EasyWeighⓇ, neither calibration is needed nor long learning procedures every time you start a new weighing cycle.


In addition, our weighing software features an extremely intuitive interface developed by our IT engineers just to be user-friendly. 5 simple touches will be enough to set up a program and start the machine. 


Thanks to the various weighing management software packages available, the machines can easily be integrated into your company's management system, providing real-time data on the production status and allowing rapid remote control and correction of filling quantities, without you having to stop production.

And the environment?


In the production of industrial machines, building heavy and massive products is often considered synonymous with quality.

We, on the other hand, believe that machines can be made stable and efficient even using a lower volume of steel in building them, so strongly reducing their impact on the environment


We therefore design our machines with a slimmer and more compact chassis and a large frame.


Consuming less material, this smart design allows an over 50% energy saving in the assembly processes and up to 80% of power consumption during operation, using only low voltage and absorbing less than 300 W.


That’s why our automated weighing systems are highly sustainable in all phases of their life, from production and internal handling, to logistics and final disposal.

Are the end-of-line weighing and control solutions eligible for the 4.0 Industry 4.0 State grants?


Absolutely yes. Our weighing and inspection solutions are essential in the modern industry to increase efficiency and flexibility standards, eliminate waste and reach greater control over production.

Moreover our Overwatch software can remotely command up to 16 connected machines. Thanks to Overwatch you can control the start and stop of the machines, set up existing programs, create new ones, and launch system backup and restore when needed.

For these reasons Nemesis solutions are regarded as Smart Manufacturing investments eligible for the 4.0 National Economic Transition Plan incentives.

It is a new, historic industrial revolution and we are already part of it.

Technical assistance


And if you need technical assistance on the machine, you don't have to phone a call center, open an anonymous ticket and be put on a waiting list for days and days.

To us, the customer always comes first, so you can reach us on the channel you prefer, phone, email or whatsapp to get right away in direct contact with one of our technicians who knows your machine, to whom you can ask all the questions you want.


Not bad if you have production stopped, huh?

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